Outfit: Bundled Up


Wednesday night was an icky, dark, rainy, cold mess. The unfortunate thing about the winter is I’m horrible at dressing for the cold. I’m trying to branch out and purchase more sweaters, instead of covering all my short sleeved tops with the same old cardigans. This sweater literally fell into my hands at the Salvation Army, with a pink tag on 50% off Pink Tags day. I figured it was fate. It’s pretty big, so I’ve gotten used to belting it, but it’s super comfy and it was a steal.


I’m trying to prevent getting sick of jeans by avoiding them for as long as possible. I only have a couple of wearable pairs.
I suppose I could get more, but why would I when my closet is chock full of different shorts and skirts?
This outfit isn’t perfect, but it kept me warm on a crappy Wednesday night. That’s all I really asked for.


Sweater – Thrifted/Shorts – ASOS/Tights – American Apparel/Booties – Forever21/Pashmina – Gifted from a college roomie

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