Etsy Lust List

This year, I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping online. I admit that it can kind of break the holiday spirit a little. There’s something about all the decorations and Christmas music blasting in the mall and various stores. I definitely don’t miss the large crowds and messy inventory, though. Plus, I can get more creative with my online shopping. And a lot of it has been getting done on Etsy.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’m fairly new to Etsy. I’ve checked out a few shops on the site here and there, but I never made a purchase until a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, I’ve become rather addicted. There is so much to love about the site.
Supporting small and super creative businesses, often affordable prices, and amazing customer service.
I can’t wait to receive all the little trinkets I’ve purchased for my friends.
’Til then, it can’t hurt to look for some things for myself…right?


Autumn Kiss Necklace, by Tina Tarnoff


Elastic Harness from Norwegian Wood


The Carousel Necklace, by Barberry and Lace


Animal Hood, by Olivia Royale


Le Red Fox Stud Earrings, by Le Animale


Stemless Wine Glasses from Modern Madness (all things mustache!)

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