Dinner Last Night: Turkey Chili


I still live at home (I know), so it’s hard for me to feel motivated to do my own grocery shopping. Yes, some of it has to do with the fact that there is always food in the house. But truthfully, it’s hard to fit all my goodies in the fridge and cupboard with everything else that’s already in there. Despite that, I want to make it work. Soon enough, I will be on my own. I want to have some handy recipes to rely on. And I also want to know that I CAN cook for myself. I lived off a meal plan at school and home-cooked meals once I graduated…I’m rusty.

Chili is definitely one of my favorite foods. Filling, tasty, simple. However, I’ve never made it with ground turkey, so I was excited to try. I’ll be honest, I just use the seasoning packet you get at grocery stores. But I like to improvise as well. Add some chopped peppers, add an extra can of beans (the standard is kidney or pinto beans, but I love black beans), add a bit more spice. The best part of the whole process is eating it! I topped mine with a pinch of shredded cheese and a scoop of plain Greek yogurt. Positively delish.


And no meal would be complete without a bit of dessert. I cut up a couple of strawberries and pineapple rings and tossed in some grapes for good measure. The best part of summer is the FRUIT. I cut my fingers on the pineapple container twice while picking at pieces to snack on.
It was worth it.


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