What a short week! The long weekend was something I needed in so many ways…it was hard to get back in the swing of things. But here it is, another weekend again! I’m bummed that I look forward to the weekends so much that I wish away every other day. Or feel like weekends where I have to work or have un-fun obligations are a waste. Every day is a gift, with the potential to be something truly great. I have to remember that, even if I am not so happy with how I spend the majority of the day. That will change soon enough, hopefully…

Not much planned here. Brad and I are going to see X-Men: First Class (I jokingly say he’s dragging me to it, since he’s a huge X-Men fan, but I’m all about it) and I have some volunteer work on Saturday morning to do. Other than that, it should be filled with the normal maxin’ and relaxin’. Hopefully a double date with sister Maria and Josh on Saturday. I miss hanging out with them! Otherwise, all I need is sleep,
good eats, and cuddles with Brad and I’m a happy camper.

Here’s a funky tune to start your weekend right! Have an excellent one. See you on Monday!

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