Little Sister is Graduating!


As you know, my sister is regularly mentioned here on the blog. Still, I feel like I haven’t talked about her enough! Maria attended the Art Institute in Philadelphia for the last four years, and is graduating this Friday! Since the ceremony is in Philly, I asked for the day off months ago. I can’t believe it’s finally here! I am so excited to have her back home with me, even though I would honestly rather be in Philly myself. But it’s going to be so nice to have her around for a while. The picture above is from Monday night, when we decided to make fajitas (another reason I love having Maria around…the cooking!). Most of all, I’m just so proud of her. She is such a talented girl, with so much to offer, and I know she is going to go places. I hope one day I can be lucky enough to be doing what I love (whatever that is) full time, and to have Maria by my side to do that. (I’d be happy enough to be her partner as she did her dream.)

I’m blessed to have an awesome, hysterical sister who is also my best friend. So proud of you, Maria!

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