It’s here once again! I’m only slightly bummed that I still have to work tomorrow, but next week is a short week for me (details on that later), so that’s keepin’ me pretty happy. Also, my vacation is now less than a month away! I love having happy things to look forward to.

So far, the plan for the weekend is to do my new Sally Hansen kit, paint my toenails, and attend a couple of graduation parties with Brad. Absolutely no complaints here on free food. None whatsoever.

Here’s a tune off the new Friendly Fires album to kick start your weekend.  I’m a huge fan of their first and I heard some excellent things about the new one. I bought it off of Amazon, but I’m holding off on listening to it until the 2 hour drive to graduation party numero uno on Saturday. For some reason, the first listen sinks in a lot better for me in the car.

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