Just some photos from the weekend. I don’t know what it is about June, but every weekend has been jam packed. I feel like I haven’t rested or just done nothing in quite some time. Suppose that’s what vacation is for. Which, by the way, is now less than 2 weeks away. (And as of today, I have 8 and a half more days of work to survive ‘til I can bid the job adieu for a week…oh, if only I could go longer…).  I still had an excellent weekend, despite the shift. Chinese food, Goldstein’s Deli sandwiches, and Eddie’s Diner omelets served as sustenance for the weekend. So, basically, a ton of my favorite foods. Brad and I saw Bad Teacher (Eh, I laughed, and I love Jason Segel, but that’s about it) with my gal pals. Spent all Saturday night watching Brad’s old movies he used to make in his high school/college days. He is so talented it’s insane. I didn’t even know him then, but I’m proud of his little films. So funny, so creative…SO GOOD. But anyway… Sunday morning was reserved for the Garden Drive-In flea market…very interesting. We had fun wandering the stands. Now I can’t wait for next weekend already. 4th of July! I can’t believe a new month starts in just a few days. No Sunday Night Blues next week…that’s always nice.

Here’s to a great week. A long weekend is right ahead! We can do this!

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