Hello, 2013.


We’ve made it to 2013, folks. Believe it or not, a whole new year is here!
Time just flies so fast.

If you take notice to the picture above, I’ve been working on a tiny list of things I’d like to do this year. Making resolutions is a silly thing to me. I’m not saying they are a bad thing, I’m saying that, for me, they are almost impossible to keep. So I made a list of things I’d like to do (silly little fun things), with a full 365 days ahead of me to do them, but there’s no pressure applied.
The thing is, there’s plenty more I’d like to do…but it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed.

2012, though it had plenty of great moments, was not my favorite year.
Sure, there are bigger issues in the world to face than what I have on my plate. But I struggled a lot financially, something I would really love to change this year. Doing that will take time, dedication, patience, and discipline. These are all things I have trouble with, truth be told.
I could say I’d love to move out of my parents’ house (oh wait, that’s on the list), that I’d love to get a new car, that I’d love to get a handle on my debt, that I’d love to make more money and actually have a career instead of a job. And that would all be true.
But I actually have to work on these things, which is probably the biggest resolution of all, and I’m scared to make it.
I guess I kind of am, though, by writing it here on the interwebs. Which is scary enough as it is.
Total disclosure and honesty. It’s scary to even put myself out there like this. But I continue to do so, and I’m glad.

Ultimately, I want to look back on this year (and all past years and all future years) remembering the good and being thankful that I made it through the bad. I can do that with 2012, as with it’s predecessors, because in a lot of regards I am truly blessed.
However, coming 12/31/13, I’d love to look back and think…
“Wow…I did it. I changed my life. I made a difference. I fixed what I wanted to. I worked hard. I’m proud."

A tall order, maybe?
All worth the challenge.

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