December Photo a Day Challenge Completed!

Not only did this challenge signify the end of a month, it also signified the end of 2012.
I plan on continuing Fat Mum Slim’s photo challenges. At the end of a year, I’ll have 365 photos to be proud of.
It’s not always easy. But that’s why it’s a…duh…CHALLENGE.


Above was the list for the month. Below is my compilation of photos, as per usual.


1. 12/1 was a Saturday, and I worked, so that meant grabbing breakfast on the go at 8 o’ clock.
2. I was completely at peace doing some light Christmas window shopping and getting fresh air on my own.
3. I held my new 2013 planner which, cheesy enough, I’m using to record and log my blog posts (it keeps me inspired, even just for myself).
4. A black and white photo of Artie that I took with my Rebel and posted to Instagram. I love how tiny he looks!
5. Artie looking up at the house, waiting to get back into the warmth after a jaunt around the yard.
6. They released a Monopoly-inspired game based on a city in NEPA, where I live.
7. No stars in the sky, but these pretty lights at a local restaurant were shining like them.
8. If the category is someone you love, you’ll probably be seeing a photo of Brad.
9. Coffee and a car ride, out and about with Brad to attend a little Christmas party at my aunt’s.
10. Artie loves to burrow himself under blankets.
11. A sweet cotton candy colored sunset.
12. This jolly snowman wears a hat and decorates our windowsill inside the house.
13. Lights on the Christmas tree, necessary for a December photo!
14. Mossy ground was my something green.
15. Spotted this frosty grass outdoors.
16. Even though it hasn’t actually become anything yet, this crochet is something I made.
17. My bags are always on the floor at Brad’s. Hate living out of bags.
18. My sister’s homemade wreath, Christmas cookies, a cute Hello Kitty mug present, and a trimmed tree all make me feel merry.
19. Sunshine is something that begins with ‘s’ and it’s also something we haven’t been seeing much lately.
20. It was conveniently snowing all pretty-like when I went to take this picture of the weather.
21. Took a picture of the manger, sans-baby Jesus, under the tree.
22. Love these mini tree decorations my sister has.
23. Joy is food and togetherness with friends and/or family.
24. Wrapping presents and watching holiday movies are a tradition on Christmas Eve.
25. Lunchtime is actually Christmas dinner time.
26. Got to leave work early in this mess…even though it took me about 20 extra minutes to get home.
27. A book, some food, and quiet time by the pretty tree is a way I relax.
28. Ice, snow, strong winds…it was a very cold day.
29. Hot toddies on a snow day.
30. My birthday party was definitely something that made me smile this year.

And the final picture, a self-portrait for day 31, didn’t fit into the little grid so here it is…


Fresh out the shower, towel turban, no makeup.

Can’t wait to share this month with you!


OH, and speaking of challenges, I’ve decided to attempt to read 52 books in 52 weeks. I know this might sound a little nuts, but I do read a lot, I already have the next couple months in books planned out (not to mention new ones that will come out and other books I’d like to read by some of my favorite authors along the way), so I feel like I can possibly do it? I’m not going to beat myself up about it, but a book a week is reasonable for me. Besides, I don’t plan on following every rule. Actually, I’m content with reading as many books as possible within the year. There’s no pressure because I’m going to read anyway. If I make it to 52, awesome. If not, I tried. But I figured, some books take me a few days, and others can take me a couple of weeks. Why not give it a shot in my own way?
And also, I haven’t kept an actual log of the books I read in the last year.
I have a Goodreads account, but it’s easy to forget the when and where. This way, I can track my own little private library by writing what I read, when I started it and when I finished it. Sound good? I’ll keep ya posted.

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