“Proof God Loves Us”


Yesterday was all kinds of crappy. I won’t sit here and complain, but I kept thinking all day how much I wanted to enjoy a beer (or two), some snacks, and a movie with my mom and sister. I will straight up admit that I adore beer. I also adore wine and I adore trying different cocktails (my poison of choice is gin). So I’m not really picky, I guess. But beer is one of those things…there are SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS. Same thing with wine, too. Same thing with everything? It’s easy, as a young drinker like I am (who only has 4 years of legal drinking under her belt, and spent a lot of my college days with Mickey’s 40 oz because they were painfully cheap and easy to obtain) to forget that there’s more to wine than “red” or “white” and more to beer than “lite” or…well, not. It’s fun to learn about beer, to try different kinds, to expand my horizons.
I’ve had lots of tasty beers and lots of not-so-tasty beers.
But it’s fun!


Instead of going to any ol’ beer distributor for a case or a 6-pack, I like to make my own 6-pack whenever possible. 6 different beers of my choosing, from stouts to IPAs to ciders, to expand my flavor choices. I headed to Weis Markets right after work and pondered over the selection for a little while (this photo only shows about half of it).


I might not like every beer that I try when I do this, but I don’t have to settle for a whole slew of crappy beers.
Aside from going to a bar, it’s a fun way to sample.

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