Fun with Multiple Exposures

One of the main reasons I got a Holga camera was because I loved the idea of multiple exposures, which basically means I can take as many pictures as I want on one frame (you really only wanna do two or three, so as to not over-expose the film). It’s so neat to see two different angles of the same object or even two completely different photos on one frame. They tell their own unique story.

It’s probably obvious since I haven’t posted anything on the blog, but I’ve been letting my Holga collect dust.
I’m bummed about that. And of course, a lot of it has to do with missing out on my multiple exposures.
But then I saw that Hipstamatic has a multi-exposure pack for .99 cents and I had to get it! It’s awesome because I’m saving money that would go towards developing film (there’s only one place that does it around here, it takes forever, and it’s not cheap at all),
with instant gratification as well.

Here are some of the photos I’ve taken using this awesome app addition.

Two friends, two ways.
Top of the bottle, label of the bottle.
My Canteen 900 latte and the d├ęcor of the restaurant.
A pretty organ and the wall next to it.

I’m excited to play more. It’s a lot of fun. I took more photos, but they don’t (like the Holga) always turn out the way you hope.
It’s still fun, and at least I can try endlessly!

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