A Collection: Mugs


When you have a tight budget, it’s hard not to feel guilty about spending money on things that aren’t necessary.
That especially goes for items you already have plenty of (like clothes or books or nail polish…yeah, that’s all me). However, I will never feel guilty about buying more mugs.

I don’t remember when exactly the mug obsession flourished, but I’ve always loved mugs. Who doesn’t have a favorite one they grab when they make their morning coffee, evening tea, sick day soup, or milk and cookies? I know I always have. Now I have SO MANY MUGS to choose from, but I couldn’t be happier. And I know it won’t stop anytime soon.

I figured I would share some photos of the mugs Brad and I have accumulated over time.
Not all are showcased, but I focused on some of my favorite mugs.


It’s hard to choose favorites, but the top and bottom mugs are high on the list. They are both from Target, which is one of the best places to find mugs at a great price. Whether you want a basic, solid mug or something trendy and interesting, Target is definitely an awesome place to go. The Good Morning mug is just so cute and makes me smile, and the bottom came out around the popularity of Gotye, so it was a must-have (we have a similar mug in different colors).
The middle mug was a gift from Brad during one of his business trips. If you know me, you know I have a soft spot for Hello Kitty. This mug is big and perfect for all hot beverages (hot chocolate would be great in it, since it’s like a super-size helping). I’ll never forget how he gave it to me. He came home and put some of his things down. He then ran to the kitchen, saying he was thirsty. He came into the living room drinking water out of this adorable mug. It’s made better by a super cute picture inside that makes drinking out of it much more fun!


The majority of my mugs are at Brad’s, but the mug obsession spills into my home with my sister.
This is some of her super-cute collection, along with mugs we have had for a while.


These three mugs are my stay-at-home mugs for the times I’m off work and come home for a few days.
The Bloomie’s mug is kind of amazing. I sometimes wish it was a little bigger (should I have gotten the Big Brown Mug?)
The orange mug was a super cheap find at Wal-Mart. They had every color, but I was attracted to this orange hue. I bought it so that I would have a mug for coffee at my previous job. It’s the perfect size if you love adding a lot of cream.
The blue mug was a purchase at TJ Maxx (another great mug spot). I left without it the first time I saw it, but then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. That’s a good sign that it’s not just a useless impulse buy. It’s my favorite mug at home.

What do you collect? Are you as obsessed with mugs as I am?
Brad and I have already acknowledged that we will probably have a whole wall of mugs when we live together.

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  1. I JUST bought a mug at TJ Maxx last weekend hahaha. I always tell myself not to.. and I wanna have only thrifted ones.. but... it was so cute! It's near impossible not to have a huge collection.