The Weekend


We were blessed with such beautiful weather this weekend! It went by so fast but every moment was perfect. My cousin is having a baby (look at her totally adorable baby bump…I love baby bumps!) so we went to NJ for her shower. It was at her in-laws, who live right on a lake in a perfect house that I really wish I could live in and read and write for the rest of my life.

Also: Went to La Tolteca with my friends for one of Jenna’s last hangouts before she departs for California. We ended up staying up ‘til 3 am talking about nothing and trying to do yoga (Brad and Jenna, not me). I am really gonna miss her when she leaves.
We also celebrated Mother’s Day at my house and had a yummy dinner with my family! Happiness.

I definitely had a case of the Sunday Night Blues last night, but Thursday is my Friday this week so I get to enjoy a short week and a three-day weekend! Not to mention it’s gonna be my birthday and I’m preparing for a little party this Saturday!
Good things ahead.

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