I never thought this day would come. I mean, I knew it would…but it seemed so far away. So distant. So unbelievable. One of the most important people in my life, for so very many reasons, is leaving NEPA for Texas (Air Force/Boot Camp/School) today. It is, for me, the end of an era. I know we will stay in touch, and I’m separated from the majority of my best friends, but he has been a constant in my life since 2004 (I’ve known him since 2002). And, even though two of my closest friends live in NY and NJ, they are no more than a 3 1/2 hour drive away. Regardless, it’ll be sad not to have him around for our TV nights and La Tolteca trips, Hickory Run lake days or photo adventures.


I have too many pictures. I can’t narrow it down.
I just wish him all the best, hope for his happiness and safety.

It’s not “Goodbye.” It’s just a “See ya later.”

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