A Time for Love


Okay, so I don’t find Valentine’s Day to be on the list of important holidays. It makes for some really cute cards and pretty red and pink decorations, but it’s not something that should rule relationships. However, I know we will be reminded and surrounded by its presence for most of this new month (BTW, February already?). What I do find important is expressing and embracing love in our everyday lives.
For those that are lucky to have a beloved, the little surprises, bumps, and triumphs along the way are what stick in your mind.
Not the forced roses or chocolates or jewelry on Valentine’s Day (though it’s a sweet gesture).
But love isn’t just romance. It’s family. It’s friends. It’s your pet. It’s your hobby. It’s your passion. It’s your life.
So I say, let’s embrace the beautiful things we are so very lucky to love in our lives no matter what.
And not just this month…every day.

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