Dinner Last Night: Chili Night


Okay, so I kinda did this meal once before (this time I used beef)…but it’s such an easy, comforting meal. And it’s only uses one pot. Less dishes to wash! How can you complain? I’m still working on the perfect chili. I need to work on the heat factor, and I’d like to utilize my own spices instead of always buying the easy McCormick’s pack. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tasty! But it’d be fun to play with the flavor and heat, especially since I often feel there’s some sort of element missing…


I also made baked potatoes for the family as well. Such a filling, satisfying, comforting meal. Perfect for a winter night.


I can’t believe the weekend is already here! That’s probably because I didn’t work on Monday, so the week flew by. I have a short weekend, though, due to work on Saturday morning. Otherwise, it should be a nice, relaxing weekend. Very different from the last few. Plans include: wings and pizza with Brad’s cousin and fiancé, movie night with friends I’ve missed oh-so-dearly, and quite a bit of vegging out.

See you on Monday!

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