Outfit: Colours


It has been over a month since my last outfit post. I’m embarrassed and slightly ashamed. This blog was never intended to be outfit post heavy by any means, but I wanted to try and keep up with them, trying to do about 1 a week. But, and I know I mentioned this before…winter really makes fashion hard for me. I dress to stay warm, not to necessarily look all that great. But comfy and cute can go together.
In this case, I decided to take the ol’ sweater and jeans routine and add a nice dose of color.

Aside from my Bass loafers, this outfit is 100% Old Navy. Are these jeans not the best color? My sister Maria picked them out and we both got a pair for Christmas. I’ve worn them quite a few times with quite a few colors. It’s a great neutral while still being a bit of a surprise. I guess I would classify them as a bit of a Rust hue? The sweater was recently purchased on sale. Used to be $40, got it for $15. I fell in love the moment I found it on the rack, but I don’t often by things full price anywhere, let alone Old Navy. You can always find the same item on super sale in a few weeks. Thank God I waited (and thanks to my friend Jenna for notifying me!).


And, just for cute factor….


…a picture of me dancing with Cali girl! What is life without puppies???

Sweater – Old Navy/Jeans – Old Navy/Loafers – Bass

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