Dinner Last Night: Mac and Cheddar Cheese with Chicken and Broccoli


Of the dinners I’ve made so far, this was the most intense for me. The recipe is Rachael Ray’s. I look at her recipes a lot because the whole point of her show 30 Minute Meals is that it would be quick and fairly easy. My problem? I can’t multi-task when it comes to cooking just yet. So a 30 minute meal is actually a 60 minute meal. But whatever.

For this meal, I didn’t use a box of Kraft mac with a cheese pouch. I made my first roux. It definitely bubbled over the pot. But it was so satisfying to make my own cheese sauce. The taste was definitely satisfying in the end. I’m trying to keep things adventurous over here!
Also, cooking chicken is one of my least favorite things. It’s slimy and gross and there’s the salmonella thing. Eek! But I survived.
For my first shot at such an intense recipe (for me) with three elements going on (the chicken, the pasta, and the sauce all on the stove at around the same time), I did a pretty good job (pats on back). I also made a tossed salad with fresh romaine, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, red bell peppers, carrots and cucumbers! Mmmmm.

It’s the weekend! I’m so glad. This week was slow and fast at the same time, if that makes sense (to quote The Shins – “The years have been short, but the days go slowly by.”). Work was quiet, but the nights would zoom by. I was kept busy. I’m very excited to enjoy a holiday weekend (I have off Monday, for Presidents’ Day). Tomorrow, one of my dearest, out-of-state friends is coming in for the night.
Can’t wait to see him! And that’s just the beginning of a pretty packed weekend (I seem to be busy all the time these days!).

Enjoy your weekend, guys!

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