Photos From a Day Off


I had a very satisfying Monday. I love a long weekend. It’s a bummer when Brad and I don’t have the same time off, but it’s also nice, too. I get to lounge around in PJs, chat with my family, and take lots of time to myself to relax and catch up on little things I’ve neglected in favor of my social life. It’s also really important to me to sleep as long as I can handle it.

Reasons yesterday was so great:
A solid night of sleep
An omelet and yummy Mudslide coffee for late breakfast
Dog sitting Artie, the cutest little pup in the world 
Taking photos for my sister’s soon-to-be style blog
Homemade Haluski made by my sister
My first (successful and yummy) doughnuts from the Babycakes
Getting my family into The Voice

Now I only have 4 working days keeping me from another lovely weekend. 
Here we go…

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