I’m already anxiously anticipating next weekend (especially since I have 3 days off!). This weekend was like a sample taste. With what little time I did have, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A great double date with one of the cutest couples ever over wings, delicious dinner with an amazing group of lovely people, an attempt to see Chronicle that resulted in sold out seats and heading to the bar instead.
Panera Bread with some cute ladies. All in all, a solid time.

We did see Chronicle, on Sunday instead of Saturday. What an intense film. I am a huge fan of “Found Footage” films (Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity, etc.), and this one goes on the list. The movie is heavy and sad, I will say that, but it was a breath of fresh (really cold) air that left me gasping and dry-eyed from being unable to blink or look away. I’m super sensitive, so it put me in a mood.
But if a film can do that, it means it was worth the money and the time.

Here’s to a great week!

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