Nails and Ales

Round 3!
It’s been a while, but since I only paint my nails about once a week, and I reserve drinking for the weekends,
it takes a while to accumulate photos of my “nail art” and different beers.


Winter Lagers. For starters, Samuel Adams’ makes good beer in general. Sam Adams’ Winter Lager is definitely perfect for the season. They are heavier, spicier, and stronger than your average beer. Trust me, one is enough to keep you warm from the winter chill.
Nail Polish: China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini with Sally Hansen In the Spotlight glitter on top.


Newcastle Brown Ale is one of those classic flavors. It’s not a microbrew or seasonal ale with fancy added flavors. This is something you can get, and drink, all year round. I enjoy it. It’s smooth with a deeper taste. I’ve likened it to a Tootsie Roll in it’s after taste.
No bitter beer face here.
Nails: Nicki Minaj OPI colors: Super Bass Shatter over Fly, and Did It On ‘Em on the ring finger.


So, the deal is, if you want to try a crazy-large variety of many different, delicious beers…grab any and every Dogfish Head brew you can find.
This was my first Midas Touch. Do you see those ingredients? Needless to say, this was a yummy beer.
Considering it’s 9% ABV, it’s not something I could drink more than 1-2 of. But it’s worth the try!
Nails: OPI’s Sparrow Me the Drama, Stranger Tides, and A-Taupe the Space Needle in a cloud pattern (tutorial here)


Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre (aka Reason for Existence) is just that. A delicious beer that reminds you why you like beer so dang much. Brad bought this one on a whim because it sounded tasty (again, most Dogfish Head brews are) and I enjoyed mine immensely.
It’s rare I’ll say anything bad about Dogfish Head’s yummy beers.
Nails: Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish in Whitehall (Seriously cool stuff. Effortless design in seconds!)


Carlsberg Elephant. I pretty much picked this out because it’s a classic brand and I absolutely love elephants. It was reason enough for me. Elephant is about 2% stronger than classic Carlsberg, with a harder bite, but it was the perfect compliment to my tasty chicken salad club sandwich from Goldstein’s Deli. Which is one of the greatest places on the planet.
Nails: OPI’s Coney Island Cotton Candy beneath a chevron-style manicure placement of OPI’s Holland Collection I Have a Herring Problem


  1. 1) every time I see the title for one of these posts I think of you painting your nails and then going out to bars to pick up dudes, lol. 2)I am totally going to buy some of these to try!

    1. Definitely try the beers! No need to pick up boyz for me. I have an awesome man who likes my nails and drinking beer. SCORE!!!!