Sweet Little Weekend

Wow, this one went by too fast. That’s usually what happens when I work a Saturday shift though. Without Friday night partying or date night and Saturday morning to sleep in, I sort of feel like everything is in Fast Forward without much time to chill. It didn’t help that this weekend was packed to the gills with activities. A farewell-for-now dinner with friends, work, movie theater date (We saw The Artist and it was adorable…everyone clapped at the end and it was such a great moment!), quick casino trip, Philadelphia for the car show and beer and food. I’m surprised I fit it all in under 48 hours!

Some photos I took with the iPhone/Hipstamatic:


Though I’m not ready for Monday already, hopefully it’ll be a good week. And, bonus, I have a three day weekend coming up! Very exciting.
Here’s to a great week, everyone!

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