Operation Organization–Part Two

Once again, I embarrass myself on this website. (Whatever, it’s real life, and I’m making improvements!)


Hello, and welcome to one of the messiest, if not the messiest, part of my room! I’ll credit the mess to my excessive shopping and extreme lack of storage. I actually had a bigger closet in my on-campus apartment in college, believe it or not. But let’s not forget the main reason I’ve let everything get so bad in the first place…laziness.

For a while, I’ve wanted a garment rack. Before this little Tupperware pile began, most of the clothes there were on what I called a “makeshift closet.” It was a wire hanger that was stretched to hang over the top of the closet door and had several other hangers hanging from it. Needless to say, it eventually stretched out, everything fell off, and I just couldn’t do it again. Off to Bed, Bath, and Beyond I went.
In addition to the garment rack, I decided to get a nice shoe rack as well. I was still utilizing one of those compartmentalized shoe holders that you hang from the closet with Velcro straps. It was okay, but it left a lot of my shoes without a home.

The end result:


I’m so glad to finally have a garment rack. It’s just a simple one that was easy to put together. But now I can display my favorite items without having them get all squished and wrinkly in the closet. Bonus: There’s more room in the closet! I also took the opportunity to get a bag of clothes and shoes ready to donate. There’s still a lot more to go through, my dresser and armoire, but at least those things are put away.
I needed to clean up the huge mess infiltrating the floor.

Ultimately, there’s a lot more work and organizational skills I could utilize to make the best out of my tiny closet space.
But I’m proud of the work I’ve done now.

I’m not sure when Part Three will commence. The next thing I’m on the hunt for is a bookshelf or some of those organizational cubes.
I need a place to display my collection of books (duh) and DVDs. Don’t worry…you’ll see that mess soon enough.

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