Operation Organization–Part One

Warning: The following photo is very embarrassing for me and probably disturbing for you.


Since I had Monday off, I decided to start attacking one of my little resolution/life changes – Organizing. I actually did this around the same time last year and, while I made a bit of a dent, everything fell right back into  (the wrong) place. I could blame a lot of things.
Not enough storage space. The closet’s not big enough. I don’t have time. I spend 75% of the week at Brad’s place. But the truth is…well, it’s sheer laziness that holds me back. While I may spend time at Brad’s, my bedroom is still my place. And it’s become more of a burden than a sanctuary. A place I just sleep in. There is nothing inspiring about it, cozy or comforting about it. As you can see above, I let clutter infest my life. And, while it is embarrassing to display this on the interweb for anyone to see, it needs to be seen. Because I’m a normal human. Well, scratch that. An extremely lazy human. Who needs to clean up her act, in so many ways.

After a couple of cups of coffee, I played happy tunes and set a timer for 20 minutes to see how much I could get done with this tiny but significant space of my room. I kept resetting the timer, as I was still very much in the mood to get everything done (and because 20 minutes wasn’t enough and all the stuff you see above was on my bed, a counter-productive tactic that needed to be fixed). And here’s what I did:


There’s still a lot going on here, but everything has it’s place now.
No empty medicine bottles or papers that are months old and are no longer necessary to have.


I had a lot of cute little prints and pictures that were hidden by all the junk.
Usually I would just balance them against things on my dresser, but it was time some of these things were put on display.


Same thing with my instax film. I have SO MANY PICTURES and they are just in a little pile. I need a cute place to store them.
I decided to pick out my favorite ones and display them, to give my room a more personal feel.


And now that my dresser is organized, I can show you the cute lazy susan-style nail polish holder that Brad made for me for Christmas. It is the cutest thing in the world, and the perfect way to display my favorite colors. And now I can actually spin the thing.


I’m also keeping extra nail polish and nail thingees in this cute tin I bought for $2.50 at Target. Also utilizing my Hello Kitty jewelry box (another Christmas present, from my coworker) to stash earrings and necklaces that were in the boxes they came in, all piled up.


And, last but not least, my cameras are finally back on display. They were covered with crap. The camily is back!
For now, I’ll be displaying my soon-to-be-read books at the corner of the dresser until I get a bookshelf. There were so many books, paperbacks and hardcovers, crowding the middle of the dresser. I can’t wait to pick up some things that will truly help organize my room and show off the little collections I have at the same time.

‘Til then, this is all that’s been done. But I’m proud of the little bit of progress I made, and I can’t wait to show you more!

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