Life as a List


My current life, in list form…

I am in love with the Keurig coffee maker. I was never a big coffee drinker, and I suppose I’m still not. But making the cup-a-day I usually drink has gotten easier, and I’m so down to try all different coffee flavors with the simple press of a button. (Plus, the hot cocoa, cider, and tea are just as tasty!)

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of nail polish can do to my mood. As a girl who spent the last many years with bare nails, I can’t believe how happy painting my nails makes me or how naked I feel without colorful nails.

Getting mail is an instant mood-booster. Not really bills, obviously, but Netflix movies, magazines, and the packages I order never fail to make my day so much better.

On that note, I love buying used books on Amazon. I don’t care what they look like. I’ve saved a lot of money on my books, and there’s something about getting a hand-me-down that makes the book that much more special.

Though I am so ready to move out on my own (not financially, though, which is the only thing stopping me), I will definitely miss movie nights and laughter with my family everyday.

With celebrities that I love, I am either super-jealous or super-happy when they couple up. In this case, I’m actually both (but I’m jealous because I love Emma Stone, not Andrew Garfield…I have a total crush on her!). They are so cute together!

Reading a book, for me, is a lot like summer romance. You know it will end. It’s finite. But you do it because it feels right and you are in complete adoration of what’s in front of you. And when it’s over, it’s bittersweet. You’re happy that you were involved in such a lovely thing, but sad that it is over.

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