Friday the 13th

How is it already Friday? And the 13th of January? This month is basically halfway over. I’m left wondering where the time went.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited that the weekend is here. But this past week was a blur…the days all blend together.
The plans for this weekend? Work (boo hoo), sleeping over Brad’s, a wine and cheese night, and Golden Globes watchin’ with my sis.
Did I mention I have off on Monday? Well, I do. Making the Saturday shift easier to deal with. Heck yes.

Some photos from the iPhone this past week…


Currently reading The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides…captivating.


Brad and I watched Super 8 and took a quick break so he could make amazing nachos.


Made amazing Chicken Egg Drop soup with my man.


The lineup for this week’s nails.


A successful first spin at my Yonanas!

Have a great weekend!

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