Winter Survival Guide

Now that it’s January, that means that NEPA is staring some long, dreary, freezing cold days right in the face. So, in preparation, I’ve decided to put together a list of what I believe is necessary to making it through the blah days of my least favorite season.


Since a lot of your days/nights will be spent indoors (unless you are into winter sports and activities, unlike me), it’s important to keep a nice stock of the cozier things in life. I deem necessary…

Reading Materials – Books, magazines…whatever you choose! It’s so important to step away from the computer and delve into your mind.
Your Favorite Shows and Movies (DVD or Netflix) – We all have our favorite TV shows and movies that we can watch repeatedly and will always get us out of a sun-deprived funk. Make sure you have yours readily available!
The warmest, coziest blankets and sweats you can find – I can’t believe I used to make fun of Slankets. They are one of the greatest inventions for consistently cold people like me! And don’t forget snuggly hoodies, thick socks, and the softest sweatpants ever, so you’re in perfect R&R mode during snowy days.
Hot beverages (and soup!) – Hot cocoa. Green tea with honey. Coffee. Whatever floats your boat. You’re gonna need it to warm up! And I don’t know about you, but soup (which is always a favorite for me) is amazing this time of year. Get all your veggies and proteins in a can or get creative and make your own. So filling and so heartwarming.
Hobbies – Whatever yours may be, you’re going to need something to keep your mind away from the gloomy days that winter brings. For me, painting my nails has become a weekly ritual and a bit of an obsession. I look at nail blogs, try and come up with different color combos, and then, of course, paint my nails! I also enjoy blogging. You may try knitting or paint or write or whatever you so choose!
Keep that mind busy!
A sunny disposition – I find that this is especially hard during the winter. The sun appearing throughout the day gets rarer and rarer, and it doesn’t help that I work 8 hours during the day and drive home during sunset. I truly believe the sun is a big contributor to our happiness. So, find ways to stay positive and remember, cheesy as it is, that the “sun will come out tomorrow” or…well, eventually!

Necessary honorable mentions one shouldn’t forget!
Thermals (especially for outdoor activities)
A charged cell phone , in case of storms
An ice scraper/snow brush for your car

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