New places

I had been wanting to stage a bit of a shoot in the strippin’s (old coal mine crap) for a while now. So I wanted to scope out the scene. I thought I would just check out the area across from my neighborhood, but Ed decided to show me the long way. And ya know what? I am so glad he did. Sure, it’s just a bunch of mounds of old coal crap being dug up and separated and whatnot. But it was peaceful and beautiful in the strangest way.

I kept thinking of the movie Garden State, when they encounter the “abyss.”

IMG_7430 IMG_7437IMG_7441 IMG_7447 IMG_7455 IMG_7474 IMG_7478

I need to get a pair of hiking shoes. And I need to find more hidden places to look at in awe. I like seeing beauty in the little things we overlook or forget about. And I like having my eyes opened to new things.

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