Things I love/want/like now

As is customary for anyone who can't always get what they want, I tend to become obsessed with things. Maybe not crazy-style obsessed, but ya know, I daydream about the outfits I'd wear with that pair of boots. Or I imagine what he would kiss like. Or I wonder what that meal on Food Network would taste like. Or whatever.

I decided to share some things I am thinking about, that I like, or that I may want to buy or do or get somehow someday.

For starters, since I'm so desperate for a bit of change in my life, here's the things i have in mind.
My hair is growing out and I really just want a nice, fun, short 'do. I'm not looking to grow it past my chin, but to have a fun, messy, girly bob would be nice. As much as I loved the short hair and the ease it brought, I began to get insecure with it.
I am kinda obsessed with this 'do, and its actually kind of the reason I decided to dye my hair black.

I am all about something fun, easy, and messy. And I really just need a trim and shape up. Unfortunately, I can't afford it yet.

Then, change a bit more drastic. A face piercing. The septum to be exact. It's so weird and yet strangely attractive sometimes. I want something cool, to try something different, but I really don't think I could pull it off. At any rate, my mind wanders to it.
I wish I had the balls enough to do it. I mean, you could always take it out. But my dad would probably murder me. Scratch that...he would murder me.

Clothes-wise, I am obsessed with leggings. For some reason, as much as I will always love jeans with the rest of the world, I love changing it up. I already have a few great pairs (Gold lame, black lame, floral, magenta spandex, plus a variety of tights), but I always want more. And American Apparel is the way to go. These are my current favorites:

Honestly, the crazier the better for me. Too bad they are wwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyy expensive.

And, for a long time now, I've wanted a pair of Nike high tops.

Of course, these are also expensive.
I'm keepin' them all on my wishlist. Maybe I'll hit the jackpot someday. Or get some balls.

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