Spring Break

My break started at noon yesterday, but I have yet to go home.
I only live a half hour away from school, but I stay at school as much as I can. I am, nonetheless, excited to go home anyway.
I decided to stay up because I have work. I could just stay up til Tuesday since I have work again on Monday, but no one is at school anymore and there's nothing to really do.

Anyway, I don't have an exciting break planned. I'm going to stay at home until Thursday, when I will be driving up to stay for a night or two at my sister Maria's place. I did this last year too, and it was a ton of fun.

It's unfortunate that there will be no actual spring in my break. The weather is so fickle here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Yesterday it was 53 and rainy. Today, its back to the 30s but sunny. But I want to try and get out as much as possible at home. Take photos or something. Be active.

I can't wait for summer, though.
These motion shots made me crave it more.

link to pictures

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