Slumdog Millionaire better be one hell of a movie.

As promised, a recap of Oscar fashion and the event itself!
If you don't read the entertainment section of the paper, or watch the news, then you don't know that Slumdog Millionaire basically won everything it was nominated for, including Best Picture.
Last year, I had a goal to watch every nominee for the coveted spot and I accomplished. I want to see this movie, and all of the runners-up (though I did see Benjamin Button and loved it), but I'm very concerned that all of the hype may ruin my opinion.

I shall preface my display of likes and dislikes by saying nothing really absolutely JUMPED out at me. But its gorgeous dresses on gorgeous people.

Halle Berry isn't one of my favorite actresses or anything but she is a little slice of perfection (I prefer her with the long locks) and for a chick with a kid, she lookin' damn fine. The gold and black complimented her skin perfectly!
Penelope Cruz is so exotically beautiful and naturally sexy, I'm jealous. I've never felt this feminine or beautiful in my life. She looked like a princess.
I have a thing for Indian women. They are absolutely stunning. And their culture astounds me to boot. So Freida Pinto probably could've worn a sack and I'd still think she was gorgeous. Instead, she wore a John Galliano gown and looked incredible.
Meryl Streep is the bomb. She is so amazing. She looks amazing all the time. I don't care what anyone says.

Also, I might be biased, but Natalie Portman was perfection last night. She's so cool, she's flawless, and she looked fantastic. But I'll always think it so.
And here are some of my...least favorites.
For starters, I don't like Miley Cyrus. She is 15...16? I dunno. But she sure tries to act like an adult. Enjoy being a kid! Stop dressing like a slut! And that dress probably would be gorgeous on someone older, more sophisticated. Mean? Maybe. Sorry. But I just feel like she would've done better in something simpler or not as heavy.

Jessica Biel = Frump City. It's the Oscars!!! The Academy Awards! A tradition for over 80 years!!!!! And you are going to wear an ill-fitting white dress with a big flap on the front? Wow. Nice choice.
Viola Davis is gorgeous. I didn't see Doubt, but I don't doubt (haha) that she did a great job. But all I could think was that I could go to DEB in the mall and buy that exact dress for 7 dollars on clearance. It's just so cheap looking. That material is just bad.

Keep the sunglasses on Mickey Rourke. You scare me.

As for the winners...way to go Kate Winslet, even though you pissed me off earlier by accepting a compliment without returning one back (something I would do) and reminding me that celebrities really only care about the affection poured on themselves. Good job Sean Penn, the whole situation in which he won was hysterical. Good job Heath Ledger, RIP.

And one more thing I forgot to mention.
I love you Seth Rogen. I shall follow you anywhere you go. You look amazing.
What a change from just last year!
Also, this was the best part of the evening:

Enjoy folks!

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