Always about the money.

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, my tastes and style has evolved and changed over the years. I'm sure everyone else has had similar situations. But one thing that has stuck with me throughout the years is my stingy spending ways. I'll be honest, I am a HUGE cheapskate. I can't help it. I can't afford to be anything else. Aside from being unwilling to spend more than 5 dollars on any item because I was used to 50 cent shirts from the Salvation Army and being lucky enough to find everything on clearance racks, I've never really had any problems with this.
Until a bit of expensive taste came in.
It probably began with American Apparel. 28 dollars for a thin tee is pretty ridiculous. But it was AWESOME and I wanted it.
I hold myself back. The cheapskate in me will probably always win.
But when the latex leggings became a trend, I really wished I could splurge on Kova and T or Members-Only. The cheapest I was getting with those was 88 dollars. I won anyway. Target came out with 13 dolla black lame leggings that rival those and were basically a steal in comparison.
Mine don't have the stirrups, but they're just as cute for a better price.

I am also always on the hunt for shoes. I got my Doc Martens (which run at about 110 dollars, which could get me a plethora of new shirts, a pair of jeans, and tons of accessories, plus lunch and dinner at the mall while I'm out and maybe several alcoholic beverages later that night) because I asked for only them for Christmas.

Its hard to find other boots at a great price that will hold up over time and are exactly what you want, though. I have always wanted the perfect tall pair of boots. I'm just discovering the apparently very popular (thanks to Gossip Girl) Chinese Laundry Over-the-Knee Boots. If you want any good pair of these bad boys, be prepared to pay well over $150 for them. I know, compared to other designer shoes, its not really that bad. Plus, I'd probably wear the hell out of them. But...I probably won't ever get them...unless Christmas comes quickly.

Those would make any skirt, pair of shorts, or even skinny jeans the sexiest things ever. I'd probably just walk around with them on and nothing else on a regular basis.

But anyway...that wasn't the initial purpose of this post.
I want to discuss the great things that can be purchased for great low prices.
Things I love that I barely pay for.

1) Bandannas! So great. I have a collection of 18 wrapped around the back of my bed post. Sounds kinky, right? Each one is a different color, and I love them. I haven't worn them much since I got my hair chopped off. But as a headband, as a bracelet, as a neckerchief, or even folded up and put in the back of your pocket, there's just something about that classic old bandanna. It adds a little spice to anything.
Maybe you can make out the collection in my room. 3 more have been added since this picture was taken. And yes, its a college apartment, so its nothing too pretty.

2) Anything from the Dollar Tree. Yeah, they don't have clothes (really) or shoes but they have tons of snacks and tons of cute trinkets (frames, baskets, holiday-themed kitchenware) that would brighten anyone's day up. I just went there today, dropped 10 dollars, and got 10 things. They may not always have the most trustworthy things, but anything brand name that ends up there is always good. Usually its just an overstock of stuff that didn't sell. Today I bought an Aquafina Facial Mist I can't wait to try. Before, I've bought Garnier Fructis' Surf Hair texturizing spray. Good things, good things.

3) It's obvious, but charity thrift stores are where its at. Salvation Army is great. There is a new one by my school now too, the Volunteers of America. I find anything from cute scarves to the weirdest 80s and 90s clothes. Go to SalVal on a Wednesday and its Family Day, which means 50% off every color ticket but one. If you can't make it then, there's a 50% sale everyday on different color tickets. Volunteers of America usually has a 50% off one color, and 75% off another. Amazing. I bought a shirt and two scarves for around 2 bucks once.

4) The clearance section of Target really is a godsend. And they are seriously on top of trends. You can find things that probably won't make it to the department stores for us normal, un-rich folk for a while. Floral skirts (they are in right now), the leggings I previously mentioned. Plus they have a real designer come in and make stuff at reasonable prices. Even if I don't buy stuff there, just knowing I could if I really wanted to is reassuring.

I am sure I can come up with more.
But I always say, splurge if you want to!
I think its nice to have nice, expensive things.
Usually, they are better anyway. They will last longer.
But keep in mind...you can always find something cheaper and just as great!

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