I hate funks with no explanation.
I hate when, one second ago I was fine and the next I feel like I don't wanna leave my bed.
I know I need to make some sort of life path, some decision on how I want to live my life. But it is so damn hard for me, for some strange reason, to make any decision, especially when that decision can change things I've become so used to.

I can sit around, be single, see where my life takes me, see how my situations pan out.
Or I can try, again, to be in something that I am not sure I want to be in because I'm not sure if its my heart or my mind that's keeping me back.
Does that make sense? Probably not. I don't make much.

In other news, I had a decent weekend.
Drank on Thursday. Watched movies on Friday. Stayed in with roomie Lauren and best friend Rafter on Saturday. Went to a car show in Philly with dad and sister yesterday.
I still want to get my septum pierced. If I won't loathe myself too much for spending money that I shouldn't really spend on it this weekend, I think I will do it.
This week doesn't feel like it will be that great.
So maybe it will make it better.
Or maybe it will make it worse.

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