Admit it.

You are insecure.
Maybe not everyday.
But you are, sometimes.
Maybe its because you had a shitty day. Or maybe its because that boy/girl you like doesn't like you back and is banging someone way hotter than you. Or maybe its just because you hated looking at yourself that morning in the mirror.
So why do we continue to try and give good advice by discouraging people to do something they want to do? Or, even worse, why are we talking about what we consider to be poor decisions other people have made behind their backs?
Yes...I am a victim of it. And sure, I've seen some ugly hairstyles, or due jobs, or ill-fitting clothes.
But ya know what? Half of the time I do it, I think its just because I am so damn insecure that I want to feel good that I'm not the only one fucking up.

The reason I post this is because I am seriously considering this septum piercing.
Because I want to.
Not for anyone else.
Not to have people fawn or judge.
For me.
To enjoy.
To feel good about myself, or to try something fun so I don't have another regret on the list, right?

I'm just hoping that people will shut their mouths.
Or, even better, that I won't give a fuck if they can't.

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