Just had a successful trip to the Salvation Army.

All this for a little over 6 dollars. I hear blazers are going to be in this spring. But otherwise, I really just love cute skirts, flannel shirts, and anything that looks like its covered in rainbow sprinkes.
It made me happy to get out of the apartment for a while (have a Film Studies midterm that has nothing of relevance to my major but I'm taking because I needed the elective credits and I thought it would be easy...wrong) and it was a gorgeous day!

Spring break is coming soon enough. These weeks are just flying. And when I come back from spring break, I am one more short hiatus (for Easter) and several weeks from the end. Hopefully I will get my act together, take more pictures of my life, and enjoy what's in front of me. In the mean time, here's some things I would love to have in my closet as well, but unfortunately cannot afford.

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