I am such a wussy.

I am starting to fall absolutely in love with the blogging community.
I am sure someone out there would make fun of me for following blogs, especially those of people that I do not talk to/will never know.
To be honest, I've had this situation happen before. I guess it rolls in and out. With any other pattern in your life, you like something, then you get bored and like something else, but you probably will always like that something anyway.
First, it was LiveJournal. Then Xanga. Then years of nothing until this, right here.
Just as I enjoy reading magazine articles and celebrity gossip blogs, if I can find an interesting blog of your average Joe, I will enjoy reading that too.
Just yesterday I fell in love with Rockstar Diaries. The reasoning for my wussiness? It is the first blog I've decided to follow and I'm doing so anonymously. Despite the fact that this blog isn't private...I just cannot bear anyone reading it. Seeing it and thinking, what a LOSER!
Oh well.
I want to keep this fun, and interesting, in the off chance that someone stumbles upon this too...they might think so too.

In other news, I am obsessed currently with wine, and its ability to make me laugh until I cry and/or it hurts. Last night on a whim, these ingredients created the perfect Thursday night in the apartment:

Throw a snack plate of pepperoni, sharp white cheddar, and Triscuits in the mix and you have yourself one wonderful night.
I need to start documenting these events more. I mean, seriously.
I have a terrible camera though. It's only a few years old, but the thing barely works.
Sad how technology keeps changing, to the point where you can order a product, and as soon as it lands on your doorstep, there's a better, faster model already.

Time to continue the weekend with another Coupling marathon.
Have you ever seen the show?

If not, you should watch! It's an amazing, older British comedy that only had 4 series (their term for "seasons"). They are only around 6 episodes per series. But its better that way, because each episode is gold. 6 friends, 1 pub, and tons of relationship and sex jokes. Like an even better version of Friends. In fact, NBC tried to do an American version and failed miserably. Some things we cannot do like the Brits. I envy the freedom they have on basic BBC channels that we can only achieve on something like HBO.

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