Sunday = Fun day = Funday

I had just about the most wonderful Sunday you could have.
Aside from the fact that it had to end, because it would be even more wonderful if it could go on for basically the rest of my life.

Start off with a Chinese buffet lunch with my good friend and ? boy Brad.
I don't know if you can understand the depth of my love for Chinese food, specifically in a buffet form. All of the chicken and broccoli, lo mein, fried wings, steak, and green beans I can handle. And with soft-serve ice cream with nuts and sprinkles to top it off.
Then, after much debate, we decided to go see Coraline. I wasn't sure about seeing it, especially since there are a few other movies I thought about more instead. But I am so glad I did. It was visually stunning, entertaining, and to top it off, it was 3-D. It's the second 3-D movie I've seen in just a little over a month. Here are two great shots I loved. The garden part was so beautiful I could've cried.

Just so beautiful, and the main character is adorable. I'd love a miniature doll version of me...ya know, if it wasn't being used as a spy for a villain.

Afterwards, a Target trip, because I cannot get enough of their sales. I bought a pair of blue ruffled tights because I would like to work it in for an outfit similar to this:
I really want to start incorporating more skirts, dresses, and frilly girly things into my wardrobe. I am getting so bored with jeans. And with spring (hopefully) right around the corner.

To add to the wonderful day, a nice dinner in the apartment of DiGiornio Supreme Pizza and the rest of the boxed wine, and snuggles in bed watching the Oscars, which are, of course, still on.

Alas, I am alone now, to get ready for the week ahead.
Keep your eyes peeled for my opinions on the Oscar dresses and hopefully some thrift store purchases!

Hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as I had.
I haven't had much luck hiding my smile.

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