It's a gray, gloomy, chilly day.
Most people would probably hate it.
But I love it. I always have and I probably always will.
There is something comforting about this kind of day, because your internal instinct is to stay in, to cuddle under the covers, to just relax. It's kind of romantic, even if you're alone.
Which is what I feel like being right now.
I love being social. I love surrounding myself with my friends or anyone I can communicate with. I am alone enough in my room.
But somedays, like today, I highly dislike the prospect of being around people.
Especially if they are not feeling the way I do, and they are laughing and joking and I don't really want any part of it.

Today, instead of classes (which I have to go to), I'd rather stay in bed with a never ending cup of tea and the lights off, flipping through the channels and napping on and off.
But alas. Class soon.

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