March Photo a Day Challenge Completed

March is over, can you believe it? It feels like an April Fools joke…
For one of the longer months in the year, March sure did fly by.
And with the end of the month, comes the end of another Fat Mum Slim challenge…


Here we go…


1. L is for little things that make me happy.
2. I made this buffalo chicken mac and cheese for dinner one night…it was pretty great.
3. I can never find the key I want on this cluttered ring.
4. I didn’t win a single dollar on any of these Five Times Lucky scratch offs.
5. Loved the shadow projecting under these plants in the office.
6. The pink chair we all fight for at home.
7. Eleanor talks about one of her brother’s fears in Eleanor & Park.
8. My favorite boy holding my favorite pizza.
9. My faceless self-portrait is accurate because I’m always looking at my phone anyway.
10. I want more time in the day and on the weekend to do whatever I please.
11. It’s important that I have at least one cup of coffee a day.
12. A man walking with his umbrella in the distance.
13. The sound of “Happy Birthday to You” and blowing candles out to make wishes.
14. Super tasty pasta with vodka and alfredo sauce, sprinkles with crushed red pepper.
15. Birds warming up on a line before they fly off to explore some more.
16. I did two photos this day: 9 o clock AM is coffee time. 9 o clock PM is beer time!
17. Yuengling Lager comes in green bottles.
18. Old shoes I wear in snowy weather.
19. A faded stop sign spotted on a walk.
20. Squeaky clean out of the shower after a workout.
21. Working hard or hardly working? Reading on my downtime at work. (It’s allowed.)
22. A list of some things about me.
23. What I Do For Fun: Wear bright lipstick, watching movies, buy and use nail polish, and enjoy a brewski or two.
24. Going up the stairs.
25. It’s a mess in my drawer at Brad’s. Lots of lip balms and jewelry.
26. A total of four exercises from these two DVDs is something I did.
27. My trust pair of glasses.
28. In the mirror a few times.
29. Beer and friends make for a good night.
30. Brad and I relax with a cleansing clay mask and a scary movie.
31. A bunch of nail polish stuff in a Ziploc bag for touch ups and changes when I’m at Brad’s house.

And that’s the list for now! As always, I use Instagram and the occasional frame on Afterlight for these pics!
Can’t wait to share April with you…I just hope it doesn’t go too fast!!!

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  1. Loving these photos! Especially love the one of you guys in the masks. What a perfect way to relax together! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com