Recent Reads: Where We Belong (Book #15 of 2013)


Where We Belong is Emily Giffin’s 6th novel, and it just further cements how much I love her as an author.

I have gone through her books chronologically and enjoyed every single one…it took me about a year after this one’s release to finally purchase it (okay, Brad was sweet and bought it for me..I wanted the paperback and it finally came out a couple of weeks ago). I think part of me was putting it off because waiting for books to read by an author you really enjoy is a pain in the butt. I liked knowing there was a sure-to-please book waiting for me. Where We Belong was no exception to Emily Giffin’s ever-growing and satisfying collection of books. I started reading them back in 2011, with Something Borrowed. Forget the (forgotten) movie with Kate Hudson. That book is soooo good.
What might, at first, seem like a really chick lit-y beach read will surprise you. Something Borrowed started off Giffin’s repertoire for exploring the nitty gritty details of all kinds of romantic and personal relationships and I love that.

Where We Belong is no different. Marian Caldwell is a successful TV producer at the age of 36. She has the dream life…a beautiful apartment in Manhattan, a well-received show (though not extremely successful with all audiences), and a handsome boyfriend who also happens to be the CEO of her network (read: successful and rich). But the fact is, nothing will ever be perfect. Because, for the last 18 years, she has been hiding a big secret from everyone but her mother. And we discover that very early on, when Kirby Rose (age 18) shows up at her apartment door.

Can you guess why Kirby shows at her doorstep?


Spoiler: Marian is Kirby’s birth mother! Marian gave her up for adoption. (It’s not that much of a spoiler, I think it’s on the back of the book.)

Kirby was allowed to find out the info on her birth mother on her 18th birthday, and since she has been having a hard time finding her place in her family, her school, and her life, she decides to seek her out.

The book is told from both Marian and Kirby’s perspectives, alternating chapters. I like this type of approach. I do feel that Giffin’s attempt to write as an 18 year old was a little rough at times, but I still loved it. It’s risky, but it works.

She did this in one of her previous books, Heart of the Matter, and it had an excellent impact in that as well.

If you haven’t been reading Emily Giffin’s books…wow, do it.
Each book breaks my heart a little, imparts some great wisdom, and entertains all the same. 
Hands down, one of my favorite authors.

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