My Must-Have Apps: Social Networking


As you all may know…I’m a little bit SUPER OBSESSED with the iPhone. That fateful August day in 2010 was the end of my complete attention to anything aside from that tiny electronic beast. We could go on about the dangers and distractions that come with such a tiny piece of technology, but let’s be honest here…we love it. Why run away? Embrace it.

I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite apps…but there are so many, I’m going to sub-categorize them. Let’s start with the obvious: SOCIAL NETWORKING APPS.

The obvious would be Facebook. And Twitter, of course. I probably wouldn’t have Twitter if it weren’t for the iPhone making it so easy.
So here are some less obvious (but super awesome) must-have social media apps!


Okay, Instagram is just as obvious as Facebook and Twitter at this point, but it has only been around for a little more than 2 years. A free app that allows you to share the little photo moments of your life like Facebook status and tweets? No wonder it has taken over the world!!!
If you don’t have this, even to look at the photos of your friends and favorite celebrities…I don’t know why you are avoiding this?


Vine is this super-awesome, fairly new video app along the lines of Instagram…but it’s short videos instead of photos! The videos are super easy to make…you tap the screen and hold for however long you want. There are some really awesome videos on there, posted by celebrities, bloggers, and lots of talented people.. Lots of smart, funny videos. A fun new way to document your life in less than 10 seconds!

Here are some of my latest Vines: 1 / 2 / 3


Untappd is the perfect app for all you beer lovers out there. It’s like FourSquare for your brewskis. You check-in to whatever beer you’re drinking, collect badges (Like Johnny Appleseed for drinking a certain amount of hard ciders or I Believe in IPA! for, duh, IPAs!), and toast or comment on your friend’s drinks. It’s also a great way to discover new beers you might like and entices you to try something different.


Soundtracking is an awesome way to share the tunes you’re listening to, and you can share them on Twitter and Facebook too.
It’s also a great way to find out the song that’s playing on the radio/in the store/at da club. 


Goodreads is an excellent website, but their app is simply perfection. I have it on my iPhone and my Kindle, which is perfect. I’ve posted my profile on my various Recent Reads posts (it’s how I’m keeping track of my 52/52 challenge). You can scan the ISBN number on any book and save it to a list of books to read. I use it to automatically log any books I read about/hear about so I don’t forget. And I get to see what my friends are reading or what the general consensus is for a book I want to read (at least 3.5 is safe, I’d say)!

Those are my top Social Networking apps! Any I should add to my list?

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