Gone So Soon

I absolutely did not miss working on Saturdays. It really sucks a lot of time out of my weekend.It’s so silly.
No one should have to work more than 5 days (or 40 hrs) a week. It just ain’t right!!

Regardless, we squeezed a lot of fun into what little weekend we had.
Brad got in from a business trip in California early Saturday morning, and I got to see him after work. My friend Jenna (who actually lives in California) has been in the past couple of weeks and we finally got to hang out. Friends were over, laughs were had…it was a success!


Yummy fried foods at a bar.
Cali’s “sexy” pose.
It’s not a hang-out at the house if there isn’t a cheese platter.
The usual Sunday morning coffee in one of my favorite mugs.
Out to brunch…that’s a 16 oz. mimosa. Classy, eh?

I hate going into a week with a bad feeling. I have another Saturday shift ahead and work has been so stressful lately.
Very frustrating. Just going to have to keep looking for the positive side!

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