Hopes for Humanity


The explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday were yet another instance of violence in this country that has broken my heart.
When I first heard about it, I was upset and disgusted. Then I was scared, because I know people (basically my family) who live there (they are okay, thank God, thank God). And then I got sad, because I know people who do runs for charity and for fun and this could happen to anyone.

I heard some beautiful stories of people helping the cause, of running towards those who needed help, who donated blood. Those are the stories we need to hear in times like these. But I think we also need to realize that, violence or not, we all need to promote positivity and respect for those around us. We need to keep behavior like that alive in our everyday life, even if in the littlest of ways.

A lot of people have reminded us that this type of violence, which is a rarity in our nation, occurs daily in other countries. This is something we should never forget. We need to appreciate what we have. And I know this, because I especially need to do this.

I complain a lot about the silliest things. I don’t like my job, I wish I could lose a few pounds, I want a new car, etc., etc.
I have a job, so I have some money and insurance and benefits. I have food to eat. I have a car, rusty as it may be, that helps me get around.
A house over my head (and Brad’s, where I can always go no matter what). Health. A beautiful family. Friends. Love. Technology. Freedom.

I think moments like this need to remind us that our lives are fragile. It’s a scary thought, but it’s true.
Our lives are a gift and we should treat them, and the lives of others, as such.
We need to be strong, be appreciative, be kind.
We have to stay informed of what goes on around us, but we also have to approach the good things in life, the things that get hidden in the muck. My deepest prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who was affected, hurt, lost someone in this and every tragedy.

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