A Review: Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box

About a week after making my Julep Maven video, I received an email from Julep advertising their Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box!
The mystery box is something they run on a regular basis…I believe they had one in February and March as well.
The deal: For one price (24.99), you get a package with anywhere from $70-200 worth of products from Julep.
How could I pass it up?

I ordered it on Thursday night and got it on Wednesday…this is the longest it’s taken for anything from Julep, but I think it’s fair because it was still less than a week and it was bigger than the typical package I get from them.

Here is my box and a review on the mystery box itself.


As always, the Julep box is decorated with bright tissue paper and fun confetti-like packaging.
It’s like unwrapping a present you bought for yourself! Super fun.


First in the box were these toe separators and an emery board. Will I use them? Sure. I feel like pretty much everyone is going to get this in their box. It’s simple accessories that will always have a place in your supply stash.


Next, Pomegranate body scrub and body crème. I don’t have anything like these, and I think they will be perfect for a DIY spa day, especially for getting my legs and feet ready for shorts and sandals. The scent is really lovely and, once again, perfect for summer.


Finally, these are my polishes. Each box is guaranteed to have one of their new Sea Salt Texture polishes. There were 3 possibilities.
I got Sadie (middle), which is black packed with silver glitter.
I also got Ally (right) and Melissa (left).

And here is a final photo of all of the contents together:

Considering the boxes contents range in price, there are obviously going to be bigger boxes. I’m pretty sure I got one of the smaller, if not the smallest, boxes. That’s the luck of the draw, so it doesn’t discourage me. It’s part of the mystery, after all! I will say, I was bummed that I got the black Sea Salt color…there was a beautiful beige and a beautiful pink as the other possible options and I would’ve loved one of those.
Again, not a big deal…that’s what you’re bargaining.

Complaint: I got Ally in my box. I know it’s a mystery and that they don’t personalize the boxes based on what your Maven profile is or what you might have purchased in the past. However, I already own Ally because it came in my April box. I don’t think they should’ve included polishes from the latest collection in the mystery box because of the large possibility of overlap.
I guess that could happen with anyone, though, whether it’s a newer polish or one from their constant collection.
Luckily, it’s a beautiful color, so I don’t mind having an extra.

Praise: No matter what, the mystery box is an excellent deal. The total price of everything in the box hovered around $80 dollars. Even if you’re a Maven and get the discount on pricing, you’re still saving at least $40, and that’s just with a small box like mine. You can imagine the savings if you were to get a bigger box! What’s even better is that this is open to everyone, Maven or not. I believe Mavens get a day notice before the general public, but anyone can buy one. There’s no subscription necessary and it’s an excellent way to treat yourself.
I can complain about getting dupes, but there’s the chance I might not like a product at all, which is a risk you’re taking. And in that case, you can save those products (unused, I would hope!) as presents or hand-me-downs to friends who would put them to good use!

Overall, I’m pleased. It’s a fun way to treat yourself, and this will not be my last mystery box!

The Sea Salt Mystery Box is still available on the website, and you can purchase it here.
If you’re interested in becoming a Maven, you can visit the site here, or you can click the Bombshell link at the top left of the page.

And don’t forget to check out my video if you’re curious about what being a Maven is like!

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  1. I got a couple dupes in my box as well if you want to trade for Ally - Simone (it's a shimmery lilac) or the matte top coat!