The Weekend


I had a positively lovely weekend. I hope you did too! Spring has finally sprung around these parts. Brad and I went for a walk to the library and ended up wandering a lot farther and longer than that. On Sunday, we had a a little cookout with Brad’s cousin Shawn and his wife Rebecca…LOVE THEM. Here is a Vine video I took of it. Do you use Vine? It’s the best.
Anyway, here are some of photos from the weekend.





Obviously I was having some fun with the Instant Film edits on Afterlight!
The last picture is from a little project I worked on for the blog.
Keep your eyes peeled for that in the near future!

Hoping for a good week…Brad’s doing work in California this week and I have to work my first Saturday shift in a month this coming weekend.
Borrrrring. But I’m going to be catching up with a friend from the West Coast when the weekend does come, and as long as I survive Monday, the rest of the week seems like a breeze. Just hope that’s true.

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