Tipsy Tuesday


Vacation Tuesday (seems so much longer than a week away) ended up being…pretty interesting. We started the day off sorta early, by vacation standards, and headed to Brad parents’ house to swim for a little with my friend (our friend) Lauren before she headed off to work at 2. It was fun floating and soaking in the sun (I definitely got my tan lines from that day), eating delicious hoagies for lunch, and listening to great music. After Lauren left, Brad and I ran a few errands and then immediately jumped into the pool afterwards. The interest part: I accidentally got a little tipsy. Like, I was floating in the pool, had a SkinnyGirl margarita and felt fine, then dried off to go inside the house and felt wobbly. It snuck up on me! We joined Brad’s parents for dinner (and some Summer Shandys) at a place called the Tipsy Turtle. It was delicious, and I polished off a quesadilla the size of a pizza without uttering a single syllable. By the time we got back to his parents’ house, I was face down on Brad’s childhood bed, fast asleep. Food and Shandy coma, for sure. But worth every second of it.

All photos taken using the Hipstamatic app. Bettie XL lens and Blanko Freedom13 film (for anyone interested).

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