(Not) The End


As this posts online, as you read this, I am sitting at work, staring at the clock, waiting for 4:40 PM once again.
It is so weird, and yet so predictable and normal. Strange because it’s sad but strange because it feels like what I’m supposed to be doing. Vacation was amazing, but it didn’t completely take me away from that daily duty, those responsibilities I can’t avoid.

All of the pictures in the tiles above are from the weekend alone. I had such a relaxing, lovely vacation. But I have amazing friends who make any day a billion times better. I’m sad that I can’t sleep in, or do whatever I want all day, relax and carry on stress-free. But Saturday and Sunday reminded me that I have great friends that make any moment better. This might be the end of my “vacation,” but it is mostly certainly not the end of fun, of all the good times, of summer or beyond.


  1. Umm...in the picture with all the dudes, is that...Tony???

    1. Yes it is. He lives with my friends Catie and Lauren. And he's now my friend!