June Photo a Day Challenge Completed.

Okay, this is just freaky now. Just like last month, it feels like I was just writing this post for last month. What is JULY doing here???

Here’s the list from Fat Mum Slim.


And here are my photos…


1. Morning commute on the Cross Valley.
2. Empty Mason jars in a row.
3. A pretty pink cupcake on my plate.
4. Close-up shot of my succulent plant budding.
5. Sign for the Laundromat near work.
6. Hat for bad hair days.
7. I can’t wait to drink my afternoon coffee.
8. Six o’ clock on a Friday means I’m dolled up and ready for the weekend.
9. Your View Today on the 9th ended up being the beautiful backyard of Lauren’s parents.
10. The best bit of that weekend was spending time with my girlfriends and a new puppy friend.
11. Door knocker.
12. Pretty hanging flowers from a low angle.
13. Melted Crayola art made by my friend Lauren for me!
14. The time it takes to steam some potatoes.
15. Yellow flowers outside of Brad’s house.
16. Didn’t get out and about that day, stayed in watching silly TV with Lauren.
17. Kindle, notebooks, and other essentials in my bag.
18. Something you don’t know about me is how many pills I have to take each day.
19. My (more than) imperfect rusty Buick.
20. Fave photo I’ve ever taken was hard to pick, but this is a pretty photo that reminds me of a beautiful fall day and the beginning of my love for photography and cameras in general.
21. I slept in my bed at home.
22. Drinks at Tommy’s Pizza Corner from a high angle.
23. Lots of movements when puppies are around.
24. My week vacation is constantly on my mind.
25. This Hello Kitty tin I bought for $1 from Target is something cute.
26. Target is where I shop for pretty much everything.
27. Bathroom sink when I get ready in the morning.
28. Plenty of videos, DVDs, books, and music on the shelf at home.
29. My favorite shirt and comfy comforter are a very soft combo.
30. My friend Dana and our tradition of taking pictures of us at the movies with ICEEs.

Can’t wait to share this month’s!

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