Recent Reads: Gone Girl


Welcome to a new feature on the blog…Recent Reads!
At least, I want it to be a continuous thing. I’ll showcase noteworthy books I’ve recently read (obviously)
and let ya know if I feel you should take the time out to read them or not!

I’m starting with Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. I first heard of the book the way I hear about most books these days…my favorite magazine Entertainment Weekly. They gave it a rave review, and shrouded the story in enough intrigue and mystery to get me curious. The thing is, this book would be categorized as a Mystery/Crime Thriller, something I don’t usually read. But I was willing to open my mind and check out this bestseller. I purchased the actual hardcover (it was only a dollar more than buying it on the Kindle) and deemed it my vacation read.

I can’t even begin to explain the story to anyone who wants to know. And I believe you should read the book knowing as little as possible going in (I also believe you should read this book). I will give you the gist: On the 5th wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy, Nick comes home to find an open door, the house in disarray, and his wife missing. As things go these days, it is often that the finger pointing aims at the husband. The story is told in alternating perspectives – Nick’s present day experiences in the investigation of his missing wife, and Amy through old diary pages…and that’s all I’m going to say!

This book hooked me with the first paragraph. And that’s hard to find sometimes. I read it every spare moment I got and finished it within the week of vacation (I probably would’ve finished it sooner, but I also wanted to have a life and do activities!). There’s so much that goes into this story, it’s hard to believe only one person wrote it, considering the two narratives. It’s a brilliant book and I just want everyone to read it so I finally have someone to talk about it!

I declare this book a Must-Read!

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