Dinner Last Night (AKA Green Bean Queen)


This was my first time cooking again in a couple of weeks. I was craving after my guacamole experience. I’m loving the process of cooking and creating more and more. This meal was easy to make, but I still got my hands dirty and perfected my favorite veggie.
Last week, I bought a bunch of fresh green beans at the Farmer’s Market and couldn’t wait to do something with them. I knew they were gonna be my veggie, but I didn’t know what else to make. I decided on crispy baked chicken tenders and some mac and cheese (from Kraft, with the squeezy cheese…so good). The baked chicken was tasty. I love the process of coating the chicken. I added a bunch of spices to the flour and used panko crumbs to add a good crunch. I baked the chicken for about 30 minutes on 375. It stayed juicy but I didn’t have to worry about salmonella (I’m still learning how to cook chicken comfortably).


But the deal is, I love making green beans. After having fresh veggies, it’s hard to go back to steamed, boring frozen vegetables.
I prefer to sauté my green beans with olive oil and chopped garlic. I add some salt, but I also added a squeeze of honey. They got nice and crispy but soaked in all the lovely flavors. So, not to toot my own horn but…TOOT. Everyone in my family loves them, too. My mom even said that she’d be completely content just eating tons of green beans on top of some rice. There are never enough!


In other news, it’s Friday! I survived my first full week after vacation. And it wasn’t so bad.

Tomorrow, one of my oldest friends is marrying her man of 9 years. I can’t believe it! We’ve grown so much since they first started dating and now they are getting married! I’m 25, people I know are starting to get engaged and married and maybe have kids eventually (eek!).
I’m not ready for all this stuff! But I’m excited to start celebrating all the love!
I’m also excited to celebrate my friend Lauren’s 25 birthday!
Life is so good lately.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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